Welcome to Monsterville

Welcome to MonsterVille, Warrior!

So you dare to enter into the realm of the o' Monsters. Haven't you heard the menacing tale of these daring creatures that plagued and destroyed towns in their wake? If you think you have got what it takes to re-claim Monsterville and free it from the o'Monsters, then you are in the right place.

However, this is not for the faint- hearted.....

Pre-Minting of WhackOMonster NFTs

Follow us online to find out when we launch.

WhackOMonster NFTs - Premint

The o' monsters will be invading Opensea soon on the Ethereum blockchain! Follow us on twitter to join our drop party and purchase a  WhackOMonster NFT at this price


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Dumb O'Monster

He is very fast and he shoots fireballs from his mouth!
Attack : 1 life
Kill : 2 Coins
Tap: 1

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Bomb O' Monster

A green blob monster that explodes! Very dangerous when he turns red!
Attack: 2 lives
Kill: 4 Coins
Tap: 2

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Skelet O' Monster

Raised from the dead by the necr o' monster.
Attack: 1 life
Kill : No Coins
Tap: 1

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Necr O' Monster

He's a necromancer with the ability to raise the undead!
Attack : Raises skelet o' monsters from the dead.
Kill: 8 Coins
Tap: 4

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Heal O' Monster

He is the witch doctor that heals monsters in battle!
Attack:  Heals monsters injured in battle
Kill: 4 Coins
Tap: 2

Video Sightings

Historic recordings of the o'monsters in action

WhackOMonsters on their first attack of MonsterVille

The first demo of the WhackOMonster: Endless Ramapge Game

Flamation Studios
WhackOMonster: Endless Rampage - The Game

The o' Monsters are not your ordinary one-eyed monsters. They have special powers and they come in waves!
Can you outlast your fellow gamers and top the leaderboard? You will need tons of weapons and flaming coins to stock up on them.
Luckily, there are several ways to fill your coffers! Keep scrolling to find out! 

But first, choose your version!

WhackOMonster Sponsors

Sponsor us and we will advertise your brand!
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Project Prodigy

Supporting the African NFT and gaming communities! Join us now.
Website: www.project-prodigy.tech
Discord: discord.gg/mrtRxRAC9X 

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GaspodeWD: Top game reviewer

Need an honest review and want top gamers to have access to your game?
Get first-class information on top games flying under the radar.
Subscribe to GaspodeWD Youtube channel now and get started!

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Diary Of A Single Island Girl Podcast

Get expert advice on dating, lifestyle,
friendships and more by host, Amanda Anthony.
Instagram: @diaryofasingleislandgirl
Twitter: DiaryofaSIG

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Contact Us Now

For the cheapest affliate marketing on the web.
Reach target audiences you never could before.

The Creator

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WhackOMonster was a long-time dream that is slowly coming true. Technological advancements and social media have helped to fuse all the individual parts of this project together into what I will make into a franchise.

Anthonia Nicol

The Latest O' Monster News

Updates, gossips and more!
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Game Banner Ads.

Dimensions: 1024 x 500
Description: These are still images that appear at the end of a user's session.
How to Advertise: Contact us with the subject: WhackOMonster Game Banner Ad
Current Price: $20/Month

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Web Rewarded Video Ads

Dimensions: 1280 x 720
Description: These are videos that show when a user clicks the ad button to get free powerups. (Available on the WebGL version)
How to Advertise: Contact us with the subject: WhackOMonster Web Rewarded Ad
Current Price: $20/Month

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Father's Day Rout

Congratulations to Gaspode for winning the first WhackOMonster competition.

But a harder battle is coming... practice! Stock up on coins and ammo! You will need it.

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Their latest plan?

We assume necro left the gift, but maybe it was skeleto.

Either way, it's getting harder to beat these guys, rampagers! Get ready!

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Twitter Space: 26/06/2022 11AM GMT

Join Anthonia Nicol as she takes you through the journey so far and what to expect from the o' monsters.
Click the link below to join:
WhackOMonster Twitter Space

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Help from Other NFT Friends

Hey Rampagers, good news!
The lovely animation clan from Tiny 
Motions and other NFT collections on the FlamingNFT account  have decided to help you out with this war.
Some offer a whooping 10,000 flaming coins and free affliate marketing.
Pssst... look for items with unlockable contents.

Grab the offer while it's still available.
Flaming NFT On Opensea


WhackOMonster is a utility project whose NFTs compliment its main attractions: its animations and game.
 This roadmap is subject to changes as we will add more steps to this project.


Creation of the Game

The game will consist of reward and custom ads, in-app purchases , a competitive leaderboard, in-game currency, an NFT Promo Code Redeem Function. The game will be deployed to the Android and Web Platforms first, then the Windows and IOS platforms. Note : Due to requirements from each platform, the apps may not look exactly alike but the core functionalities will be in-tact.

Creation of the NFTs

The NFTs will be PFPs of all five o' monsters. There will be a pre-mint, ( 5 of each), a first phase ( 5 of each), second phase (5 of each), and third phase (5 of each) making it a total of 100 NFTs in the collection. 


With each NFT comes an unlockable code: which unlocks a code that can only be redeemed once. This code gives the holder free in-game currency and free in-app advertising  for a period of time.
We have fitted some of our NFTs from other collections with codes that allow advertising on this webpage.
Check the utility box for more information along with our terms and conditions!

The Utility Box

The WhackOMonster NFTs are PFP utility NFTs that give you free Flaming Coins for you to compete and top the leaderboard.

What are the perks?

Competitions! Check this page regularly.

Not a gamer? 
With these NFTs, come free- in app advertising of your product or service for a period of time. The amount of time depends on the NFT you purchase.

Ad Format: 1024 x 500 Banner Ad
Submit the banner, and a link to your website or page below.

We reserve the right to reject inappropriate ads and links.

We do not accept ads that contain nudity, sex, violence or are explicit in nature. All our content are safe for everyone, including kids, to view.

Secondary Sales

The buyer will receive the same utilities if the  NFT is purchased above or at 0.05eth. Send us a DM on twitter once you make your purchase and we will do the rest!

Re-purchase of NFTs

You can buy a new NFT or re-purchase an NFT  as long as you purchase above or at 0.05eth. You will be granted fresh access to the utilities.

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