Coming in March!

The classic concentration game for all age groups. The first of the Flammers game editions: Memories and Puzzles!

Memories and Puzzles is a 2D Classic Concetration game that is fun to play and good for your brain and mind!

It has two modes of play: Single and AI mode!

Match all the cards on the deck , within the time given to win.
Match more cards than Bre, the AI.
Solve the picture puzzle underneath the cards within the time given to win.
Solve the picture puzzle before Bre to top the leaderboard!

Coming in 2023


Looking for an effective way to prepare your child for the National Common Entrance Exams or gauge their readiness for high school
Flammers: Grade 6 app is kiddy-friendly. Choose a username, choose an avatar, and get started!

The Flammers Grade 6 app is the perfect app for your kids! Browse through a list of subjects, practice past questions, see corrections at the end of each session and they can attempt the Flammers Exam when they attain or pass the mark! 
Latest Development : Plans for its own NFT Collection to allow more people use the app !
Typing of questions and answers ongoing.


WhackOMonster: whack a mole game

The o' Monsters are back. Faster, meaner and tougher than ever. How long can you stand the onslaught of o' Monsters? They are definitely out for revenge as the townspeople seem to be getting too many heroes to save the day. You have the same artillery but they don't care. How long can you last? Top the leader board during competitions and win prizes! God be with you warrior!

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