The Squeechies

The quirkiest, most colorful, and most

unique furballs of fun! Only 10 or less

collectors will ever own a squeechie. Will

you be one of them?    

The journey and projection.

The inspiration for this collection stemmed from childhood memories of plush toys! The initial designs were not great and were removed from the collection. The brand new squeechies, however, have received positive feedback from the NFT Community. Only 10 squeechies will ever exist. Updates to the plans for this collection will be available on our social media pages and added periodically to this page.


The Squeechies and Flammers

Flammers is the official app utility for the squeechies.

Buy a squeechie and unlock a promo code to grant your child full access to the Flammers app for a year! 

Flammers is the ultimate preparatory app for high school. This is the demo.

Buy a Squeechie

The Squeechies are ready to be collected. Buy one now and be one of the exclusive collectors of these furballs!


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