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Miss Onion: She will always say hello with a smile!

  • Price: 0.004eth (weth)
  • 10 Mints
  • Item: Tiny Motions #11
  • Frame by frame animation
Tiny Motions

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Flamation Studios
Crypto Blonde

We are taking pixel fashion to another level! You know that shy girl that finally decides to put it out there with her fashion? Sometimes she's daring, sometimes she's simple and chic but she's beautiful inside and out! Are you a crypto blonde? If you are, then you are worth your weight in gold! 

Crypto Hottie

Two beautiful yet distinct african women showcasing African and diverse fashion styles. Sometimes, they go back to their roots, and other times, they are not afraid to mix it up. Are you a Crypto Hottie? Choose your model and choose your style!

Tiny Motions

Cute pixel art character animations you will definitely want to own! This cute orange girl is lightning fast and she's full of potential!

The Squeechies

Cute Little Pixel Art Furball Creatures that love to talk! Buy and continue the conversation! It's a BUY and HODL situation people. Make money while you converse with other holders!

Marbled Textured Cards

Abstract card design with stone and larva. Comes in different colors and the change in color affects how the light hits the marble. Collect 1/1 items or go cheap with the less rare colors from 0.002 eth

Get hyped on  Drug Music!

Flaming NFT is proud to be affliated with Drug Music NFTs.

  • Buy and own copyrights to authentic music
  • Make a music request for upcoming projects
  • Place an offer for available pieces.
Drug Music On Opensea

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