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The Bios of Trisha Adams and Aretha Carter

Trisha Blake

Aretha Carter

The story so far

Crypto Hottie: the African pixel art fashion model! It is a collection of two models, at the moment; Trisha and Aretha. They showcase combinations of hair, accessories, and clothes.

Trisha was the original crypto hottie, but her signature white hair and her mean-look made it difficult to do much with the model, so we created another model for the collection.

Aretha is more flexible. Her hair, weight, clothes and accessories change based on the portrait, but we discovered that supporters loved Trisha too. Instead of burning her out of the collection, we made both models hotties and they represent the collection.

The mission right now is to raise the floor price of this collection, which was hampered by NFT Giveaways on release, by aggressively promoting the collection to initiate secondary sales.

The Crypto Hottie Road - Map

The projection for the Crypto Hottie Collection (subject to changes).


Creating the Hotties

To create the base character for the hotties. This characters will be the references from which other hottiess will be generated. A projection of 5 hotties will be created every week.


Polygon Marketplaces will be used to sell the hotties until substantial profit is generated enough to mint on other marketplaces. The projection is to have different hotties for all the marketplaces over time because later mints will be rare.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms will be used to create awareness about the hotties. 

In the nearest future

We will intiate 2 side-projects to get the hotties ready for the metaverse. The first is a dress-up game that will be available on Android, IOS and Webgl. The second will be an animated series that will see the hotties go head to head with Crypto Blonde as they tell their story. Both projects will target users above 5 years old. Users will be informed about our progress via our social media channels.
Crypto Hottie on Opensea

Purchase Crypto Hotties on Opensea now on the gas- free marketplace.

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Crypto Hottie on Polygon and Nftically

Purchase Crypto Hotties on Polygon and Nftically with Matic!

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