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Know Aurora Blake

Get to know the lone Crypto Blonde Model, Aurora Blake

Aurora Blake's Bio: Pixel Fashion Wars

The journey 

Crypto Blonde: Aurora, the pixel art fashion model! She showcases combinations of hair, accessories, and clothes. We add one to five items per week because we draw them by hand. We have to think of colors, modern styles, and the relationship between fashion and places.

She is a 64 x 64 pixels character, but we needed to show more of what she was showcasing, and that was why we created larger images for the NFT market.
The biggest hurdle with this collection is the combination. We block in the colors, and we go from there. We don't use references. We go wild with our imagination.

Another hurdle is pricing. When we started this journey, we weren't sure of the direction. Our aim was to create appealing pixel art characters that would appeal to buyers, but as she had no utility attached to her portraits, we decided to make them cheap.
Crypto Hottie was the first pixel art collection and we created Crypto Blonde shortly after, so we could represent all races.
Follow the Pixel Fashion Wars spoilers on Twitter as we give you insights on what's to come!

The Crypto Blonde Road - Map

The projection for the Crypto Blonde Collection


Creating the Blondes

To create the base character for the blondes. This character will be the reference from which other blondes will be generated. A projection of 5 blondes will be created every week.


Opensea and Polygon & Nftically will be used to sell the blondes until substantial profit is generated enough to mint on other marketplaces. The projection is to have different blondes for all the marketplaces over time because later mints will be rare.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be used to create awareness about the blondes. Blondes will be given out for free to increase our following and community. Rare blondes will be sold at the cheapest rates till sales improve and the collection increases in value.

As a utility (New)!

We will intiate 2 side-projects to get Crypto Blonde ready for the metaverse. The first is a dress-up game that will be available on Android, IOS and Webgl. The second will be an animated series that will see the hotties go head to head with Crypto Blonde as they tell their story. Both projects will target users above 5 years old. Users will be informed about our progress via our social media channels.

Lastest News

18 April 2022

Secondary Sale / Floor price Increase 

Flamation Studios

Copies of Crypto Blonde #12 was given away free when we just started. Today, we sold one of them!

Sales on Polygon and Nftically

Crypto Blonde on Polygon and Nftically

Crypto Blonde Sales made on Polygon and NFTically.

2nd May, 2022

Crypto Blonde on Opensea

Purchase Crypto Blondes on Opensea now on the gas- free marketplace.

From 0.0006eth

Crypto Blonde on Polygon and Nftically

Purchase Crypto Blondes on Polygon and Nftically with wrapped matic!

From 1 Matic

Crypto Blonde on Notfin.com

Crypto Blonde is listed and verified on notfin. See Aurora in combinations of hairstyles, accessories and clothes!

  • Affordable rare 1/1 NFTs
  • Upcoming Fashion Game
  • Upcoming Animated Series

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