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Hey, 2022!

Prepare for great things this year. We, at Flamation Studios, welcome you to a brand new year with great opportunities!

We are in the testing phase!

Endless Rampage First Demo

Endless Rampage Demo

See the first pictures from the much anticipated Endless Rampage Strategy Game coming to your devices in 2022. Pssst... the holes move! Are you ready for this onslaught? #rampaged

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About Flamation Studios

Founded on November 3rd 2016 with the vision of becoming one of the leading entertainment studios, our mission is to develop content to cater for all our users.
The word is our target audience and everyone is special to us. That is why we help budding businesses with their creative needs at affordable prices. Our dream is to expand, create more jobs and offer effective and unique solutions to various creative problems.

Anthonia Nicol

Content Developer

Flamation Studios

Dive into the world of NFTs!

Heard of Non-Fungible Tokens? If you haven't learn all about it here! We create and sell NFTs under the trade name, Flamingnft.  We will educate you and show you collections you won't want to miss out on. Get access to gifts, discounts and more! Take a dive with us!


Easter Bunny: 2D Platformer Game
Stand Down: 2D Endless Side-Scrolling Game
Fose Memory Game: 2D Memory Card Game
Endless Rampage: 2D Strategy Game

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