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Miss Onion: She's saying  hello in her little garden!

Tiny Motions
Miss Onion NFT on Tiny Motions on Opensea

Miss Onion NFT : the making

Miss Teapot NFT on Tiny Motions

Miss Teapot NFt: the making

The journey

Tiny Motions was inspired by cartoons and the known fact that animations raise dopamine levels higher than a still image would. Animations by themselves are utilities and as no two animators animate alike, they are rare and unique. More 1/1 items will be added to this collection in the coming weeks.

Tiny Motions is not a regular NFT Collection. It is a collection of individual characters with different characteristics because we are different and we want you to buy the character(s) that resonate with you!

Watch this collection : for new drops!

Updates and plans for this collection will be passed across via our social media channels and added periodically to this page.

Tiny Motions On Opensea

Purchase Tiny Motions on Opensea now on the gas- free marketplace.

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