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This policy describes the treatment of information collected on the sites and applications where this privacy policy is posted; whether its on our website(s) or our applications posted on this website or on other third party platforms. This privacy policy is in accordance with the laws applied where Flamation Studios operates.

Please bear in mind that if you choose to provide information to us via a third party platform, your information may be separately collected by that platform and will be subjected to their privacy policies. Privacy choices made on these platforms will not apply to the use of information collected directly through our applications and will not be protected by this policy. Our applications may contain other third party links and if you choose to click on these links and leave our site/applications, we are not responsible for the privacy policy of those sites.

However information given to us directly through our applications or other digital properties is covered by this policy.


We are Flamation Studios, an entertainment company that provides consumers with quality digital and analogue creative contents. We control the collection, usage and safety of your personal information.


.    Information sent using our message, chat or group functionalities where we are permitted by law to collect such information.

.    Activity information about your use and the use of any person(s) you authorize to use your account, of our site(s) and applications; such as the content you view or post and how often you use our services and preferences you choose.

.    Information we obtain from a third party site or platform provider about the use of our applications on third party platforms or devices.

We collect information through the following ways:

.    Registration on our sites or applications, when you ask us for information or contact us, through our social media sites or when you link your account through a third party platform.

.    Through cookies and analytic software. Cookies are information from you to us or from us to you designed to personalize your experience with us i.e improve your browsing experience by giving your browser the option to take you to a page you visit often.

Analytic software help us know how many times you visit our site(s) and gives us feedback about your experience on our site(s). At the moment, no analytic software is being used on this site but when employed, this privacy policy will be modified.

.    Purchase or buy any product from us. 


.    To personalise your experience on our site(s);

.    To send you coupons , promotions and other news and updates relevant to you.

.    To send information and communicate with you about your purchases, game information and game statistics ( where applicable).

.    Get feedback on possible illegal activities or difficulties you may be experiencing with any of our digital products.


.    We will not share your information unless directed by you.

When directed, we may share your information through the following ways:

1. Sharing your information with carefully selected companies so they can send you coupons, promotions and offers.

2. Sharing your information with third party platforms such as social media sites.

Please note that once we share your information with another platform/company,  the information received by that platform/company is controlled by them and is subject to their privacy policy/practices.

3. When other companies perform services on our behalf eg marketing and advertising, they will be prohibited from using your personal information in ways not specified by us.


.   You can choose to edit information, change or delete your registration account .

.    You can choose to opt out of promotional emails sending you information about promotions and offers.

.    Request removal of your information from our sites or forums.

.    Request that we amend or delete your information from our sites or forums.

.    Control targeted advertising from many ad network and partners; data exchanges and marketing analytics , digital advertising and marketing service providers (by visiting the DIGITAL ADVERTISING ALLIANCE)

Please be aware that if we do not collect information from you, we might not be able to deliver certain services or features to you and we might not be able to take into account all of your interests and preferences.


Flamation Studios takes special care to ensure that its digital materials are in no way branded inappropriate or offensive to children. In the case where we produce digital specially for children; the following measures are put in place:

1.    Informing parents about the information we collect from their kids and our privacy policy.

2.    In accordance to the law and best practices, we give parents the ability to request for the information supplied by their kids and notify them if that information has changed.

3.     We limit the information collected to no more than what is necessary.


We take the protection of your information very seriously. We only ask for your information where necessary and when we do, be rest assured that we employ the best technical and administrative techniques and keep on upgrading these techniques to ensure that you are well protected. Our websites are secured and our applications are distributed through reputable sources.


Flamation Studios, as a digital content provider, reserves the right to modify the contents of this privacy policy in accordance to applicable law and in respect to functionalities and features employed by us when producing digital content.